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Solutions for Manufacturers

One problem faced by manufacturers is the lack of information about their equipment when the warranty period is about to expire. This issue is often resolved through the calibration and servicing of devices by third-party labs or in-house engineers. However, most manufacturers do not have a direct system in place to follow up with customers.

Solutions for Suppliers

service providers face is effectively managing their engineers and establishing a system for tracking device maintenance. Specifically, they need to track when the next visit is scheduled, how long an engineer takes to solve a problem, whether the customer is satisfied with the work done, which engineer is responsible for maintenance, and when maintenance is needed.

Solutions for Lab

The lab director is facing several challenges that include not having a system that connects distributors or service providers directly. In addition, the history of calibration and maintenance is not recorded, and even when recorded, it may collapse with the invoice and end up with the accountant department. These reports may be lost or damaged over time.

Furthermore, in research labs, the time of using the machine is tracked using Excel sheets without live updates, which causes overlap between technicians and results in unnecessary wait times for devices.

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