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Qlabtics provides several solutions for lab directors to address their challenges and improve their operations:

Equipment maintenance and calibration

Qlabtics offers a cloud-based equipment maintenance and calibration system that allows lab directors to keep track of their equipment's maintenance history and calibration status. This system sends alerts when maintenance or calibration is due and generates reports on maintenance and calibration history.

Direct connection to distributors and service providers

Qlabtics provides a direct connection system that allows lab directors to connect with their equipment's distributors or service providers directly. This system allows for easy communication and scheduling of maintenance, repairs, and calibration services.

Live device usage tracking

Qlabtics offers a live device usage tracking system that enables lab directors to track the usage of their equipment in real-time. This system provides accurate data on device usage and availability, reducing the likelihood of overlap between technicians.

Cloud-based reporting and document management

Qlabtics provides a cloud-based reporting and document management system that allows lab directors to manage and store all maintenance reports and invoices in a single, easily accessible location. This system also allows for easy sharing of reports with other departments and ensures that reports are not lost or damaged over time.


Qlabtics solutions can help lab directors improve their equipment management, reduce downtime, and increase efficiency. By utilizing these solutions, lab directors can optimize their resources, ensure timely repairs, and provide better service to their technicians and researchers.
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