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Nitrogen blowing instrument Programmable Q Dry Bath Incubators (Single and Dual, Blocks)


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+ Simple or program temperature control mode.

+ Built in temperature deviation calibration function

+ Fast heating speed,Uniform heating and high stability.

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Nitrogen blowing instrument Q Dry Bath Incubator One machine for two purposes: used as a nitrogen blowing instrument Equipped with an air chamber and a special adjustable bracket to achieve the nitrogen blowing function.


  1. Rapid and Uniform Heating: The Q Dry Bath Incubator Series excels in its fast heating speed and uniform heat distribution, ensuring efficient and consistent temperature control for optimal experimental results.
  2. Precise Temperature Control: With built-in temperature deviation calibration, researchers can rely on accurate temperature settings. The microcomputer system ensures high stability, enhancing the reproducibility of experiments.
  3. Safety and Reliability: Equipped with an over-temperature protection device, the Q Dry Bath Incubator Series guarantees safe operation while prolonging the instrument’s lifespan. Additionally, automatic fault detection and a buzzer alarm function provide further security measures.
  4. Compact Design with Intuitive Display: The product’s compact design optimizes space utilization in the laboratory. The high-definition color screen display offers a clear and intuitive visual experience, facilitating easy monitoring of incubation processes.
  5. Flexible Temperature Control: Users can choose between simple or program temperature control modes, providing convenience and adaptability for various experimental protocols.
  6. User-Friendly Operation: The Q Dry Bath Incubator Series features a sliding operation design and light touch buttons, ensuring ease of use. The stylish and contemporary design enhances the overall laboratory experience.
  7. Enhanced Experiment Environment: Researchers have the option to mute the buzzer, reducing noise levels in the laboratory and promoting a quieter working environment.
  8. Easy Maintenance and Sample Protection: The replaceable metal block design simplifies cleaning and disinfection processes, minimizing the risk of sample contamination.

Q Dry Bath Incubator Series offers researchers a reliable, user-friendly, and efficient solution for various laboratory applications. With its advanced features and superior performance, this instrument significantly contributes to the advancement of scientific research.


Q Dry bath incubators

QDB-001 QDB-002
Temp.Control Range


Temp.Setting Range


Time Range

1min99h59m (00:00 is continuous)

Block Temp. Stability@40100


Block Temp. Stability@>100


Block Temp. Uniformity@40


Block Temp. Uniformity@>40


Temp. Display Accuracy


Heating Speed


Sample Capacity

1 standard block

2 standard blocks


AC 220V/AC 110V 50Hz/60Hz







Net Weightkgs 2.48kgs



Cat# Specification Dimension of holes Hole bottom shape Price in USD
BQ-06 6 mm x 42 6.5 mm Round bottom 195 $
BQ-07 7 mm x 42 7.5 mm Round bottom 195 $
BQ-10 10 mm x 20 10.5 mm Round bottom 195 $
BQ-12 12 mm x 20 12.5 mm Round bottom 195 $
BQ-13 13 mm x 20 13.5 mm Round bottom 195 $
BQ-15-12 15 mm x 12(7ml Centrifuge tube) 15.5 mm Round bottom 195 $
BQ-16 16 mm x 12(10ml/15ml Centrifuge tube)) 6.5 mm Round bottom 195 $
BQ-19 19 mm x 12 19.5 mm Round bottom 195 $
BQ-20-6 20 mm x 6 20.5 mm Round bottom 195 $
BQ-26 26 mm x 6 26.5 mm Flat bottom 195 $
BQ-28 28 mm x 4(50ml Centrifuge tube) 28.5 mm Round bottom 195 $
BQ-40 40 mm x 2 40.5 mm Cone bottom 195 $
BQ-05 0.5 ml x 42 8 mm Cone bottom 195 $
BQ-15 1.5 ml x 24 10.8 mm Round bottom 195 $
BQ-20 2.0 ml x 24 10.8 mm Cone bottom 195 $
BQ-02-48 0.2 ml x 48 6.1 mm Round bottom 195 $

Drying attachment for QDB-001 (12 needles,including rod and fixed slot etc)

Drying attachment for QDB-001 (24 needles,including rod and fixed slot etc)

*2 years warranty.
.** free of charge, unique software of Qlabtics for managing device maintenance and troubleshooting.

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Nitrogen blowing instrument Programmable Q Dry Bath Incubators (Single and Dual, Blocks)
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