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+ High efficiency BLDC motor.
+ Small and compact design requires minimum bench top space.
+ Speed adjustable within 0-1500rpm using speed control knob.
+ Designed for mixing of single or double micro plates in orbital motion.
+ Wide range of accessories are available.
+ The standard pack includes a single micro plate clamp.

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PlateMixer by Qlabtics is a microplate mixers designed for holding single microplates. Its compact shape, occupies minimal bench space, making storage and handling more convenient.

PlateMixer is widely used in life sciences, including microbiology, cell and molecular biology, immunology, and biotechnology, to facilitate various applications such as mixing, re-suspending, and washing of biological samples in microplates.

Technical Specifications:

Specifications PM-001
Shaking movement Orbital
Orbital diameter 4.5mm
Max. shaking weight(with accessory) 0.5kg
Motor type Brushless DC motor
Motor rating input 18W
Motor rating output 10W
Speed range  Single microplate: 0-1500rpm
Speed display Scale
Voltage 100-240V,50/60Hz
Power 20W
Dimension  260×150×80mm
Weight  3kg
Permissible ambient
temperature and humidity
Protection class IP21

*2 years warranty.

** free of charge, unique software of Qlabtics for managing device maintenance and troubleshooting.

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PlateMixer Microplate Mixers