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VertiClave 300/500/750 Vertical Autoclave, Full-automatic control, Automatic Exhaust

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+ Full-automatic control, Automatic Exhaust.

+Durable shell with stainless steel reinforcement for exceptional impact resistance.

+ Lab-grade stainless steel (304) pot body for maximum hygiene and safety.

+ Easy and effortless lid operation with secure lid-to-pot alignment.

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The VertiClave(Vertical AutoClave), developed by Qlabtics, boasts an impressive range of features to meet all your autoclaving needs.

I. Basic Structure:

  1. Shell case made of high-temperature thermoplastic material with outstanding impact resistance and stainless steel.
  2. Pot body made of lab-grade stainless steel (304).
  3. Lid opening and closing device uses a lever-type multi-link synchronous telescopic structure, making the lid and pot body flexible and light, safe, and reliable.

II. Control and Operation:

  1. Console uses LCD window graphic dynamic display.
  2. Function settings are selected via scrolling graphics and text.
  3. Sterilization phase is monitored by a micro-computer graphic display and automatic cycle control.
  4. Automatic shutdown is initiated when sterilization phase ends (with an alarm).

III. Function Description:

  1. One-button sterilization function selection for quick and clear choices based on different items.
  2. Air-cooled chilling device ensures the pot body is quickly cooled at the end of sterilization.
  3. Preheating and melting function for sterilized items with time and temperature selection.
  4. Optional: USB interface available for monitoring process and data collection.
  5. Sterilization reservation function available to start at a set time.
  6. Automatic fault detection and judgment system.
  7. Full-automatic control model discharges low-temperature air and exhausts steam when sterilization procedure ends.

IV. Safety Devices:

  1. Safety interlocking device structure featured by electronic and mechanical interaction.
  2. Double protection system with mechanical safety relief valve and electronically controlled overvoltage protective device.
  3. Heater anti-drying protection function and leakage protection system.
Models VertiClave 300


VertiClave 500


VertiClave 750


Configuration Full-automatic control, Automatic Exhaust
The main material Stainless steel (304)
Volume/GW 30L/97Kg 50L/101Kg 75L/113.5 Kg

220-240 V/50Hz,3.5Kw 

110~120V/60Hz 2 Kw

Packing size (L x W x H mm) 780x660x1160 780x660x1160 780x660x1320
Product size
(L x W x H mm)
70x630x970 570x630x970 570x630x1140
Sterilization chamber
volume(D x H mm)
370 x 320(30L) 370 x 500(50L) 370 x 690(75L)
Basket size(D x H mm) 335 x 190
1 basket
335 x 360
1 basket
335X190 & 360
2 baskets
Time setting range 0-99 h
Rated working pressure 0.217MPa
Sterilization temperature 50~134℃

*2 years warranty.

** free of charge, unique software of Qlabtics for managing device maintenance and troubleshooting.

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1 review for VertiClave 300/500/750 Vertical Autoclave, Full-automatic control, Automatic Exhaust

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    the best autoclave ever with very good price thanks Qlabtics for free software

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VertiClave 300/500/750 Vertical Autoclave, Full-automatic control, Automatic Exhaust
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