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Qspin High Speed Mini Centrifuge


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+ Max. speed: 15000rpm, Max. RCF: 15100×g.

+ Rotor capacity: 12 positions of 2mL/1.5mL/0.5mL/0.2mL.

+ Two Colors.

+ Includes the rotor and adaptors..

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QSpin ( High Speed Mini Centrifuge ) from Qlabtics is a high-speed centrifuge that provides efficient and reliable sample processing. This device offers a speed of up to 15000rpm (15100×g), enabling rapid separation of samples.

The QSpin features a brushless DC motor drive that quickly reaches the target speed, ensuring that samples are processed efficiently. Despite its powerful performance, the QSpin operates quietly, with a low noise level of ≤54dB, making it a great choice for laboratories where noise reduction is crucial.

Furthermore, the QSpin has been proven by IEC/EN 61010-1, meaning it meets the international standards for safety and performance in laboratory equipment. Additionally, the QSpin has passed the rigorous explosion-proof test according to IEC/E/V 61010-2-20, ensuring the safety of the device and the laboratory environment.



  • High-speed centrifuge with a maximum speed of 15000rpm (15100×g).
  • Equipped with a brushless DC motor drive for quick target speed attainment.
  • Operates quietly with a low noise level of ≤54dB.
  • Meets international safety and performance standards IEC/EN 61010-1
  • Passed rigorous explosion-proof test according to IEC/E/V 61010-2-20
  • Include Rotor and adaptor for 0.2ml and 0.5 ml include
  • QQS-013 Blue Color
  • QQS-015 Gray Color
Model QQS-013/QQS-015

Blue / Gray

Max. Speed 15000rpm(500-15000rpm), increment: 100rpm
Max. RCF 15100×g, increment: 100×g
Speed Accuracy ±20rpm
Rotor Capacity 0.2mL/0.5mL/1.5mL/2mL×12
Run Time 30sec-99min/Continuous
Acceleration/Braking time 11s↑/9s↓
Driving Motor Brushless DC motor
Safety Devices Door interlock, Over-speed detection, Over-temperature detection, Automatic internal diagnosis
Power Single-phase, AC100V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz, 3A 100W
Noise level ≤54dB
Dimension[D×W×H] 255mm×245mm×140mm
Weight 6kg
Other functions Speed/RCF switch, Short-time run function, sound-alert function

*2 years warranty.

** free of charge, unique software of Qlabtics for managing device maintenance and troubleshooting.

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Qspin High Speed Mini Centrifuge